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PHU GEDEON - M. Socha, W. Rutkowski sp.j.

Batalionów Chłopskich 7B
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Company Profile:
1. Gedeon was founded in 1991. In 2002 became a partnership. General office is localized in Dzierżoniów, Batalionów Chłopskich 7B street. From the start the Company focuses on comprehensive solutions for heating modern technologies to the local market. Gedeon offers an systems and equipment for the renewable energy, solar panels, heat pumps and photovoltanic panels. We are also interested about mechanical ventilation, air conditioning, floor heating, wood burning fireplaces, and water heaters. Gedeon is a technology centre and consultancy organisation, has a lot of archivements and experience in sanitary engineering trade.

renewable heating solutions

What we offer:
At the moment we are doing solar system research with aplication to regeneration lower source of heat pump. We've created conception, and our idea is under way. Our research includes solar system and lower source of heat connection. We will find answer for the question what to do with excess of energy produced during summer, or can we this excess direct to the ground and check out what will happen then.

What are we looking for:
We are looking for European partners, especially renewable energy equipment distributors. We are interested about solar panels, photovoltaic panels, heat pumps and we are looking for new, better and cheaper technologies.

Thematic Focus:
  • Photovoltaic
    • Solar Cells, Wafers
    • Chargers, Batteries
    • Cabels, Connectors, Junction Boxes
    • Stand alone systems
    • Consumer Products (Solar-powered lights and toys)
  • Solar Thermal
    • Absorbers, Coatings
    • Air Conditioning, Cooling
    • Collectors
    • Fittings, Expansion Tanks, De-aerators etc
    • Heat Transfer Fluid
    • Pool Absorbers
  • Applications
    • Building Integrated Photovoltaic
      • Solar Architecture
    • On roof systems
  • Further
    • Distribution (smart grids)
    • Installation Aids
    • System Technologies (Wholesale and Retail)

Cooperation Interest:
  • Technology & Business Cooperation
    • Technical cooperation
    • Engineering and construction services
    • Manufacturing
    • License agreement
    • Sales and service partner

Co-operation interest with the following countries:
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Switzerland


Mirosław Socha


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