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HYOSUNG Corporation

450, Gongdeok-Dong
ZIP Code
Korea, Republic of

Company Profile:
1. Our HQ is located in Seoul, Korea
2. Industry. We manufactrue PV Inverters, and also carry out EPC of PV Plant.
3-1. 50, 250kW INV: We have 50, 250kW INV and are planning to issue new 100, 500kW in 2012
3-2. 8,1MW EPC: We have had the EPC record of 8.1MW from 2008
3-3. TR manufacture: We also manufacture transformers and they can be applyed for grid connection TR in PV plant.

PV Inverter

What we offer:
1. We provied PV Inverters
2. High Efficiency PV Inverter
3. We provide not only PV INV but also carry out EPC of PV Plant
4. Cheaper to install, high reliability.

What are we looking for:
1. What technology are you looking for? : Cost down for INV Manufacturing
2. What will the technology be used for? : PV plant construction
3. What is the current stage of development of the technology? (Research, prototype, beta-tested, etc.): completed field test for 2 yrs.

If you are looking for a partner:
1. What type of partner (industry, distributor, research, project partner, etc.)?
: industry distributor, Project partner
2. Which industry sector?
: PV industry
3. What tasks need to be performed by the partner? (Manufacture, distribution, etc.): Distribution

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Thematic Focus:
  • Photovoltaic
    • Inverters
    • Organic Photovoltaic

Cooperation Interest:
  • Technology & Business Cooperation
    • Sales and service partner

Co-operation interest with the following countries:
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • South Korea


Assistant Mngr Minwook Huh

Market Strategy

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