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Soleg GmbH

Technologiecampus 6
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Company Profile:
soleg group AG:
Soleg group AG is an international distributor for photovoltaics, solar heating, wood fired heating and Sonnenhaus technology. The company also deals with internal project development, EPC and acts as supplier to main contractors. soleg sells professional PV equipment (like SunEye™ 210) and offers PV services. The headquarters' proximity to the University of Applied Sciences at Technologiecampus in Teisnach enables close cooperation in the area of research and development, and is also an expression of the future-oriented and innovative corporate structure. soleg was founded in 1994 and currently has 70 employees at its headquarters in Teisnach (Germany), as well as in Dülmen (Germany), Pilsen (Czech Repbulic), Arezzo und Verona (Italy) and in Ljubljana (Slovenia) (Stand: March 2011).

Distributor for photovoltaics, Professional PV equipment, Major turnkey PV projects

What we offer:
• Distributor for photovoltaic components
• Project management and general contractor for turnkey PV-plants
• Distributor for solar heating technology
• Manufacturer of custom-made solar heating collectors
• Distributor for innovative wood fired heating technology
• Sonnenhaus/Solarhaus 50+: Solar Heating Concepts for 100% independence
• Individual planning service with investment guarantee for end customers

What are we looking for:
Business partnership with pv farm developers and companies, located in USA, Canada, India or Middle East, Northern Africa
Investors for our pv farms Financing institutes, banks and insurance companies for our business in Northern America and India Sub-contractors (engineering companies) for our business in Northern America and India

Co-operation interest with the following countries:
  • Greece
  • India
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • United Kingdom


Herr Thomas Lanzerstorfer

Business Development Manager

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